The Ultimate Surfboard Carrier

The ultimate surfboard carrier. With the Quiver Kaddy you will never have to haul Chuck with his Quiver Kaddyyour The Ultimate Surfboard Carriersurfboard/Long board, surf ski, Kayak, or windsurf board plus your new SUP board to the beach ever again. With the Quiver Kaddy you simply just place the boards on and clip it on to your bike and you are on your way.

The Quiver Kaddy is extremely versatile.It can be pulled across sand. It can carry several different types of boards and fishing rods and also has several upgrades enabling you to customize your Quiver Kaddy to carry whatever you need .


The Quiver Kaddy is a great Surf Vehicle

The Quiver Kaddy is a great surf vehicle, which can be used to transport multiple surfboards, paddle skis, canoes, kite boards , sail boards to your desired location, surf spot or lake.

Maximum length surfboard or ski / kayak for behind a bike is 3.2meters or 10 foot 6 inches. Coming soon is a new extender arm for longer watercraft.

It has a unique folding mechanism for easy storage and transportation. It is versatile enough for the axles to be adjusted to accommodate differing widths of equipment or for added stability on uneven terrain or when being towed behind a bike.

The under carriage area can be utilised to carry bags, wetsuits, eskies etc, when two surfboards are placed in the outer holding position luggage can be placed in between the boards for easy transportation.

When surfing, the Quiver Kaddy is best locked up with a standard bike lock to prevent theft.

Quiver Kaddy is cost effective and an efficient mode of transporting your surf equipment.

The Quiver Kaddy is now manufactured with many happy surfers using them. It is smooth sailing from this point onwards. With distributors now in Japan, USA and Australia.

Mark Hatfull, CEO

Inventor of Quiver Kaddy, Production Manager and devoted surfer