It was a family surfing trip to Noosa in 2000 that inspired the idea in the first place.

My kids and I were walking back from Tea Tree Bay after having surfed for a couple of hours and the kids refused to carry their own boards as they were too tired. My son, who was seven at the time, looked up at me and said I should invent something to help carry the boards. So I took Jayden’s advice, went back home and started working on the idea, as I knew I was not the only father to have this problem.

The Idea was to produce a product that was not in the market place and to make it so good, that even the biggest knocker could not fault the quiver kaddy.

As My Advertising states,“The best Surfboard Carrier in the world”.

The Quiver Kaddy can carry up to five longboards at one time (or two surf skis or two canoes or any combination of the above!). The name Quiver Kaddy was put forward by my twin brother Harry. Newspaper Story of Mark & Harry Hatfull

The Trade Mark QuiverKaddy is Registered in 140 Countries around the world.

I remember one time I surfed granite bay at Noosa, Surfed until 7.30 at night… Could hardly see the Path home… A few other guys got out the same time.

AS I got to the carpark in the dark, a voice said “where do I get one of those things?”. He was walking behind me back from Granite , His comment was look like you were doing it easy , and yes I was , we must have surfed 5 hours straight , only coming in for water a few times. Just one of those days to remember. This poor guys arms were falling off as he carried his board back for 3 km.

The Next day He came to my house, and bought the Quiver Kaddy, not even a problem about the cost, his comment was “now I can surf as long as I like”.


Bring it on… SUP forever…

Love them or hate them they are here to stay. Thank GOD. As when we started development of the Quiver Kaddy, stand up paddle boards (SUP’s) were not even thought of, so talk about a vision and fulfilling a dream.

You will all be pleased to know that we have Colin Mc Phillips 3 times World long board Champion and Chip Blok from C4 are now using our product. Chuck Patterson and Thomas Shahinian from California are willing to promote for us and in time will become our High profile Team riders.

They are pleased to be involved with us and I with them. As we hold the Patent in the US for this type of product, they have placed their confidence in our company and with myself. Others using our product, Garratt McNamara and Brian Keaulana just to name a few.


So be assured we are here for the long term, with 6 years in development of this product and now selling for the last 6 years in Australia and Japan and now selling in the US and the rest of the world.

Myself, I am a surfer and live and breathe the salt water, I am not a professional surfer, but I enjoy surfing and the lifestyle that goes with it, clean cheap fun.

Every time I see a Quiver Kaddy I want to talk to the people who have it, even on the net, there are many passionate people who love their Quiver Kaddies. And yes love is a strong word.

It is not the physical love of the product, they love the fact that they have just surfed for 3 hours in a remote spot, and when they come in they will have a picnic on the beach with their friends.

Or they love the fact that their family is on the beach with them and surf together and they can take all the boards, short or long or Dads New SUP board, and enough food and water, making a huge day of surfing …days to remember…

They love the fact they do not have to drive the car to the beach to then have to drive around looking for a car park. And they love the fact they can surf until it is dark.

Our products are innovative, different, user friendly, practical for the beach and bush application, sturdy, reliable, easy to assemble, fold up to fit in a backpack and generally “bloody good”.

The Quiver Kaddy was designed for Surfing families or those who like the convenience of taking everything to the beach. It is so balanced that fully loaded the weight at the handle is only 2 kg. It was designed on the wheel barrow theory.

The Quiver Kaddy is made of stainless steel and aluminium and can be adapted to carry any water craft from short boards to sea Kayaks. See full specifications.

The advent of Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP’s) on the market in the past 5 years has certainly taken the Quiver Kaddy to a new dimension.

Especially for those who want to ride their bikes.

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