What can I use the Quiver Kaddy for?

The Quiver Kaddy is a revolutionary multi-function Bike and Push trailer. The patented “Base Unit” is a bicycle trailer and a hand push trailer in one unit It is Designed to carry 3 longboards at one time and will tow up to a 3.2 m water craft and with its unique under carriage Sling , it also can carry everything you need to take with you to the beach or lake , It comes with a Bike hitch that connects to your seat post of you bike . Once installed, you can quickly mount the Quiver Kaddy to your bicycle to carry different water craft and with its optional accessories. Our Quiver Kaddy products allow you to PUSH, PULL and CARRY everything on your bicycle. Our Accessories iincludes:the 2 SUP Quiver Kaddy ,which can be used for sail boards wind Surfers , and large surfboards ,

The 5 Surfboard upgrade , can be used for Kayaks and Surf skies , as wel as Standard longboards

The Bike Extension Handle Extension handle this is a metal pole which can be Easily Fitted to your Quiver Kaddy so you can tow long water craft behind your bike , Measures 1. meters adding 600mm to the total length of the Quiver Kaddy allowing you to tow 5 meter or 15 foot water craft . the Extension handle Unit can be attached to most bicycles, as well as Electric Bikes and Electric Golf carts .

2 SUP Upgrade allows you to carry up to two Stand up Paddle boards and one Standard Surfboard vertically, on the rear of a bicycle. Carrying your larger SUP surfboard to the beach has never been so EASY! To ensure the highest quality, our Quiver Kaddy upgrades are constructed out of 304 /1,6mm Stainless steel SUP rack is stainless steel and rubber Coated . Our Quiver Kaddies bike trailers can be mounted on a wide array of Bicycles, ranging from single speed ,most multi-gear road/mountain bikes. Ride to the beach in style with the Ultimate Surf Accessory ! The Best SUP bike trailer in the world today ,

With this upgrade from a standard Quiver kaddy you can carry two Stand Up Paddle Board and one longboard . Quiver Kaddy is a folding surf vehicle which can convert to transport any water craft , this Upgrade dose not include the Quiver Kaddy
International Patent Number

The Universal handle Option

This handle is used in conjunction with the bike Hitch , To give the User a more fixable Pulling power .Mainly used by Surf schools and

Customers who use the Quiver Kaddy for Pulling by hand , it allows the front of the Quiver Kaddy to drop 6 inches or so , giving the user , more flexibility in pulling the Quiver Kaddy , Especially, if fully loaded with 5 standard long boards or with SUP race boards

Where can I find a Quiver Kaddy and its accessories and associated Products ?

Quiver Kaddies products are now available at a variety of US locations. Ask your local bike /Surf shop. If you need help, we would be happy to assist you. In the future, we are looking to provide our products worldwide. and with the help from our past and future Customers , we will be offering a Affiliate program where you get paid to sell the products you love ,,

Can I create my own attachments for the Quiver Kaddy

Using the Quiver Kaddy for anything other than its intended purpose as defined in the limited warranty It Is important you buy the Correct upgrades for its intended purpose other wise you my void the warranty . If you have any suggestions for new attachments for the Quiver Kaddy or any technical Questions, contact us! We would love to hear your ideas, and suggestions

Is assembly required?

The Standard Quiver Kaddy does not require assembly only the wheels need fitting . How ever the upgrade parts require fitting as all the upgrade parts come separate and there is an Instructional video provided on the Quiver Kaddy web site , . In some cases, all you need is an Philips head screw driver . Depending on your bicycle, additional installation bolts may be required. Check your local bike shop for the Seat bike Clamp Size as there are three seat clamp Supplied with the Bike Hitch which comes with the Standard Quiver Kaddy ,

Does the Quiver Kaddy require any maintenance?

The Quiver Kaddy should not require any major maintenance. Bolts may loosen from movement and vibration, so it is important to check them periodically for tightness. You should wash down the Quiver Kaddy , if used in a salt /sandy environment , AS this will affect the Bearing in the wheels and the SS axels assembly if left for long periods of time EG in storage , But if you treat it the same as your bike , Using Graphite Powder Lubricant , on the wheel bearings and Axles and Hinge Section of your Quiver Kaddy is Recommended and will prolong the life of this Product , Please note by using oils and other Oil based products this attract salt and sand and grit and will wear the moving components very Quickly , A simple wash down and drying then apply graphic is the Best Option after your holiday or ever few weeks if using daily ,

I just placed my order, when will it ship, and how long will it take to receive it?

Your order will be processed and shipped from our USA California or the Australian East Coast warehouse within two (2) business days from the order date that shows on your order confirmation email. Actual delivery time may take an additional 5-14 business days, depending upon your location.

What is the warranty period?

We guarantee Quiver Kaddy to be free of manufacturing defects for up to 60 days. Should you have a problem with your Quiver Kaddy or any Quiver Kaddy attachments, please contact us.at mark@quiverkaddy.com

What is the return policy?

Unfortunately, we can not accept any returns or authorize any refunds outside of any manufacturing defects within the original warranty period, But if you have a legitimate complaint and can provide Photographic evidence , WE will be only to happy to endeavour to solve your problems ,

What Other Products does your Company Supply ?

All of us at Quiver Kaddy are Dedicated Surfer and Out door adventure people , so our aim is to supply product we use personally , so we can stand behind the products we sell , they all have been used Extensively and tested ,

Coming soon

Step it Up , a step system for your SUV to make the access your roof rack so much easer ,

The Rack off wall rack for your SUP boards and yiour larger water craft made from heavr duty steel and coated with a Rubber fro protection of your craft ,

The Scooter/ Motor bike board rack carrier

Universal Kayak / Sup Trailer and optional nose cone to tow behind your bike ,

Little brother Quiver Kaddy great to take on that Surfing holiday This compact unit weight is 2kg