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Weight: 15.2kg
Width: 210mm
Height: 890mm
Length: 650mm
How many Kaddies?


A Quiver Kaddy is a surfboard trailer developed in Australia and invented by an australian surfer with the help of his son . the range starts at a base model 3 surf board carrier (Quiver Kaddy), optional  bike hitch safety flag for towing behind your bike . The Quiver Kaddy converts to carry surf ski sea kayaks, , sailboards , wind surfers stand up paddle boards any water craft.

In Australia the most popular models have been the SUP carrier , the 3 stand board carrier and with surf schools the 5 surfboard carrier .

We hold the patent in the USA the EU , Japan Australia and NZ and is trademarked in 140 countries.

The Quiver Kaddy is a great surf vehicle which can be used to transport multiple surfboards, paddle skis or canoes to your desired location or surf spot.

It has a unique folding mechanism for easy storage and transportation and is versatile enough for the axles to be adjusted to accommodate different widths of equipment or for added stability on uneven terrain or when being
towed behind a bike.

The under carriage area can be utilized to carry bags, wetsuits, eskies etc, and when two surfboards are placed in the outer holding position, your luggage can be placed in between for easy transportation.

When you arrive at the beach, the Quiver Kaddy can be locked up with your bicycle when you go for your surf.

850mm x 628mm x 153mm - ie. small as a pram

Additional Features
Under carriage storage area
Detachable wheels

A cost effective and efficient mode of transporting your surf equipment.

See safety instructions pdf
See bike hitch safety instructions pdf

The ultimate surf accessory!

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