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Weight: 1.5kg
Width: 130mm
Height: 50mm
Length: 50mm
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A Bike hitch is an extra  option for the Quiver Kaddy.

This Bike Hitch enables you to connect your Quiver Kaddy to your Bike
When fitting the bike hitch  to your bike seat post make sure is moves freely eg ,  spin on the seat post , it is not to be tight, it comes with two different size Spacers, with slide up inside the bike hitch , depending on your Seat post thickness.

We provide  two different Seat post  clamps  28 mm and 32 mm clamp. These are the 2 most common sizes. If yours seat post is different a piece of tap does the trick to lock the clamp in place , as it is to stop the bike hitch  from sliding down the seat post. Once your have secured the Clamp to your seat post in your desired position , you are ready to hook up and go riding.

This item is generally sold to those people who have a of bikes , or use the Quiver Kaddy in conjunction with the optional handle and want the convenience of an easy attachment.

You need to Order this item if you intend to tow the Quiver Kaddy  behind your bike

See safety instructions pdf
See bike hitch safety instructions pdf

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