Quiver Kaddy 5 surfboards upgrade Fingers only Plus GST Australia only

$170.00 $170.00 (Excl. )
Weight: 4kg
Width: 560mm
Height: 60mm
Length: 285mm
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Available in Australia only. Converts a 3 board carrier to a 5 surfboard carrier Quiver Kaddy upgrade 5 surfboard Quiver Kaddy
150mm arms x4 only does not include the Quiver Kaddy

This product is currently available in Australia only.

Optional Accessories
• Carry bag
• Surf ski carry attachment & arms
• Additional arms to carry 5 boards
• Extra bike connectors available:
• Saddle pole connector for loads up to 40kg
• An orange flag should be connected to the rear section & be approximately 1.5 meters above the ground when towed behind a bike
• A reflective badge should be attached to the rear of the kaddy when towing behind a bike.

Load Capacity:
• 5 x longboards
1/OC1 or OC2

The Quiver Kaddy is a great surf vehicle which can be used to transport multiple surfboards, paddle skis or canoes to your desired location or surf spot.

It has a unique folding mechanism for easy storage and transportation and is versatile enough for the axles to be adjusted to accommodate different widths of equipment or for added stability on uneven terrain or when being
towed behind a bike.

The under carriage area can be utilized to carry bags, wetsuits, eskies etc, and when two surfboards are placed in the outer holding position, your luggage can be placed in between for easy transportation.

When you arrive at the beach, the Quiver Kaddy can be locked up with your bicycle when you go for your surf.

A cost effective and efficient mode of transporting your surf equipment.
The ultimate surf accessory!
International Patent Number
The Quiver Kaddy logo is a registered Trade Mark



Shipping & Weight

3.0 kg
Shipping in Australia via Aust Post calculated on weight plus $7.50 per item
Shipping to USA $60,Deliveries to NZ & New Caledonia, Singapore $40 / item
For deliveries elsewhere, please contact us first for a quote.

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