Fitness will improve your performance


It’s amazing what you can do on your standup paddle board. The limits are set in your own mind (and body). The stronger, more flexible and fitter your body is – the more potential you have for those extra manoeuvres out in the water.

DVD – Standup Paddle Fitness w/ Nikki Gregg

“Nikki has developed the most insane SUP based workout you can imagine and it takes place on a stand up board in the water! Stand Up Paddling is a fun way to sculpt your body, strengthen your core, improve your balance, and increase your overall well being. In this instructional DVD, fitness professional and athlete, Nikki Gregg, will show you how to safely and effectively transform your body and reap the health benefits of stand up paddling while having fun. […]”

 This DVD and mp3 will help you tone your body and increase your fitness levels which will inturn increase your enjoyment levels on your SUP and your life in general. See more info about the DVD

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