The QUIVER KADDY is exactly what I was looking for

Quiver Kaddy

Quiver Kaddy

The QUIVER KADDY is exactly what I was looking for!  It not only allows me to commute to and from the beach via bicycle with my surfboards/paddleboards, it saves gas money and cuts down on carbon emissions.

The headache of finding a PARKING space no longer exists.  Now, I can pull up to an open spot ON THE BEACH and UNLOAD my POSESSIONS – no more trekking to-and- from a distant parking space.

As an avid cyclist/surfer, I get the best of both worlds.  I think the ride home after an epic surf session is a great time to reflect – allowing me to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.


The price may seem a bit steep but the quality has been up to par so far. I’ve only had one issue with the attachment to the seat post, and the owner responded to my email promptly – a new attachment under warranty arrived within 2 weeks (keep in mind, this came from Australia)


Ian L.
Physical Therapist

Jax Beach, FL

Using Quiver Kaddy 2+ years

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